2015 International Latino Book Award winner for Best Book Written by a Youth.

De Donde Vengo Yo

  • De Donde Vengo Yo (Where I'm From) is a collection of poetry written by the 4th grade class of Christ the King Elementary School in Bronx, NY. Full of pride and veneration for one's ancestry, De Donde Vengo Yo captures beautifully the admiration these students have for who they are and where they're from. With poems that describe the pristine beaches of Puerto Rico and Dominican Republic to poems that educate on the Great Wall of China, to poems that entice with the wonderful food of Nicaragua, De Donde Vengo Yo reminds the reader that no matter what your ancestral background is, you should always be proud of your history. "Pride is instilled. It is what you carry with you every day of your life." - Nancy Arroyo Ruffin
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