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The Mamí Chronicles: Staying Fit, Fly, & Focused In a Busy World

In 4 months I will be celebrating my 40th birthday (insert shocked emoji face here). Which is unbelievable because mentally I still feel like I’m 17. However, despite what my mind feels like my body is another story. Raising and chasing after two young girls (4 yrs. old and 1 yr. old) my body reminds me that I am no longer 17 years old regardless of what my mind is saying.


Taking care of a household, coupled with the million other responsibilities I have, it’s important to me that I pay attention and take care of my body. Not solely for vanity reasons, but more importantly, for health reasons. I don’t only want to look my best; I want to feel my best. I want to be healthy so that I can focus my time and energy doing things that I love instead of spending my time shuffling back and forth to doctor appointments taking care of health problems that could have been avoided.


When I first decided to get serious about my health I joined Beachbody because I had seen the program work for so many others. I believed in it so much that I eventually became a coach and the women on my #teamfiercebody team also saw great results. I managed to lose 30 lbs. in just a few months and I looked and felt better than I did before I had kids.

The reason Beachbody worked for me was because it worked perfectly with my busy schedule. Considering all the things I have going on it is virtually impossible for me to get to a gym consistently, but with Beachbody I can enter a DVD or stream live from my PC and do a high intensity workout in only 25 minutes. It’s quick, intense, and it gets the job done. And who doesn’t have 25 minutes a day to dedicate to themselves? If you don’t then you need to re-evaluate what you’re spending your time on because if you can’t dedicate 25 minutes to yourself, that in itself is a problem.


I think the main reason so many fail with their health goals is because they're not setting realistic goals. You have to look at your life and realistically set goals that are going to work with your lifestyle or if not then you have to change up your lifestyle to fit in with your health goals. If you’re a person like me who doesn’t have the luxury to dedicate 60-90 minutes working out at a gym then don’t buy a gym membership. My day is so jam packed as it is I don’t have the time it takes to commute to and from a gym plus the time I’d have to dedicate to actually working out while I’m there. This is why my 25 minute workouts work perfectly.

Additionally, part of being healthy also means being smart about what and how much you eat. You can spend hours working out, but if you don’t adjust what you’re eating and how much you’re eating then you’re never going to lose weight, you’re never going to get your cholesterol down; you’re still going to suffer from diabetes, high blood pressure etc. You have to make smart choices and be prepared to stick with them. It’s not about eliminating all the food you love from your diet, but cutting back where you can and controlling your portions. You don’t need to eat an entire plate of rice and beans. You don’t need to say yes to every slice of cake. You can still enjoy these foods, but in moderation. It’s what I’ve done and it’s how I’ve managed to lose 30 lbs. and stay at my goal weight of 130 lbs. I don’t deprive myself, but I also don’t overindulge. Everything is done in moderation and I couldn't be healthier or happier.


If you want to start seeing real changes in your health and body then set realistic health goals for yourself, set up a workout schedule (one that works for you and your lifestyle) and stick to it! The more you do it the more it becomes a part of your routine and you will see that eventually it will become your lifestyle. We’re only as good as we feel. Without health nothing else matters. So take care of yourself!!

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