Our popular Strategic Visioning™ visual-planning workshop, brings the power of visualization to strategy development and personal/organizational transformation. Whether a business professional, entrepreneur, student, creative/influencer our model ties the philosophies of self-awareness and emotional intelligence with breakthrough thinking around strategy, vision, action plans, and accountability to implement and sustain effective change. It supports strategic development, alignment, and change for individuals at all levels of the organization or career path.


In this workshop, participants will learn concepts of vision planning, including strategic goal setting, SWOT analysis, self-awareness strategies, and intention-based action mapping for personal or professional use. In these highly focused sessions, participants engage in a number of activities designed to boost their creativity, efficiency, alignment, focus and follow-through.

Our Strategic Visioning Workshop is designed for individuals/teams looking to get to the next level. The purpose of the Workshop is to create or clarify:

  • your vision (future state).

  • why you exist (your purpose) and,

  • what you are trying to achieve (desired outcomes)

The ultimate aim is to clarify where you are currently (current state) against your vision, and design a logical road map to achieve your desired outcomes.

When the vision and strategy is communicated effectively and understood by everyone within the organization, and where resources, systems and cultural behaviors are in line with the achievement of the desired outcomes, this helps enable an organization to grow profitably and remain fit for purpose according to existing, anticipated and changing customer and stakeholder needs and desires.

What outcomes will participants leave with?

Participants leave with:

  • Clearly defined goals.

  • A comprehensive action plan/road map to achieve goals.

  • A data pack which includes a workbook and exercises that can be used as a reference to evaluate, reassess, and measure progress.

  • A framework/methodology that explains the material covered in the workshop.

  • New and expanded relationships with individuals from other industries and business sectors.





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