What Will Your Legacy Be?

Legacy isn't created by big random acts. Legacy is created by how you live your life and how you show up in the world every single day.


I live my life based on one question: How Will I Make the World A Better Place?


As a modern thought leader, award winning writer, spiritual enthusiast, and self-proclaimed "Purpose Professional" I have dedicated my life's work to facilitating the growth and evolution of human consciousness and self-awareness. What does that mean exactly? It means my job is to help you tap into your self-awareness and uncover or rediscover your purpose so that whatever you do, whether personally or professionally, contributes to making the world a better place. 

I facilitate seminars & training programs that include but are not limited to job training, career development, entrepreneurship development, business planning, strategic goal setting, work/life balance, confidence building, & personal development. I specialize in emotional intelligence in the workplace, creating connections through storytelling, strategic visioning, and how to leverage social media to promote and expand your brand and online presence. I work with both individuals and organizations invested in career success and leadership development.

My 20+ years of experience as a business professional in the Health Care industry leading large teams & driving performance improvement initiatives has allowed me to use my leadership, communication, & team building skills to help organizations retain, engage, & develop the next generation of corporate leaders. I hold a Bachelor degree in Accounting as well as an MBA in Healthcare Management. 


Whether it's through my business seminars, workshops, books, essays, or podcast I am committed to helping the next generation of leaders tap into their potential, ignite their fire, and expand their self-awareness. I believe with the right resources, tools, training and guidance individuals will PowerUP and blaze trails of positive change that will leave a lasting impact both in business and our communities for years to come.

Are you ready to step up, show up, blaze trails of change, and create a lasting legacy?  Then let's get to work!

I am relentless in my commitment to be of service to others. That's what makes me unstoppable.

Nancy A. Ruffin


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in yourself enough to chase every dream

God places in your heart.

The more you pursue your dreams the more opportunities to realize that dream will present themselves.

Don’t worry about the how or the when, just do the work and let God handle everything else.