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Hi! I am Nancy Ruffin, award winning author, motivational speaker, mindset coach and leadership expert. For the past 10 years, I have worked with and coached hundreds of women who find themselves at a crossroads and are seeking guidance on identifying what's next; women who have found career success, have a portfolio of achievements, have checked off every box and still feel like something is missing.

I have also worked with women who struggle with confidence, setting boundaries, staying focused or are seeking to discover their purpose and answer the philosophical question "Why am I here?"

So whether it's making a career pivot, discovering your purpose, transitioning to work that matters, or starting that small business I have helped women elevate their skills, eliminate limiting beliefs and tackle imposter syndrome in order to live more meaningful and fulfilled lives. If this sounds like you, let's connect and see how I can help you.


3 Ways Nancy Can Support You

Woman of Faith Podcast


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Hire Nancy for Your Event

A podcast where today's modern woman comes for her weekly dose of faith, inspiration & encouragement. It's where we share stories of faith that will inspire you to boldly live the life you were created for.

Whether 1:1 or in a group environment Nancy will work with you to help you uncover and unpack all that is holding you back from boldly stepping into the more you were created for.

Book Nancy for your event. Whether it's as a keynote speaker, a moderator, panelist, MC, or workshop facilitator Nancy hits the ball out of the park every time. She will deliver a memorable experience your guests won't forget.

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Whether you realize it or not, you were created to do so much more. You have been equipped with gifts and talents that can significantly impact and influence another individual. Consider the expertise you have in the jobs you've worked, whether it's banking, sales, healthcare, cooking, painting, writing, education, fundraising, etc. you have knowledge, abilities, and skills that can change the lives of others if you would only share them. Join the thousands of women I've helped throughout the years and discover the more you were created for. Let's work!

We were created for so much more than punching buttons and scrolling screens. We were created to make an impact whether it's on 1 person or 1,000 and my job is to help you uncover the more you were created for. The God who created you also calls you to create—whether that is a business, a family, a book, a photograph, a website, a sermon, or a meal.

If you:


  • Are tired of going through the routine of life

  • Are tired of clocking in and out of a job you're not passionate about 

  • Are at a turning point in your life and questioning your purpose

  • Need clarity or confirmation about what you're already doing

  • Are tired of feeling unfulfilled

  • Are struggling with confidence or setting boundaries

Now is the perfect time to reevaluate where you are, where you want to go and what you need to start doing to get there. It's time to figure out what you were created for and step fully into that calling.

An image of Nancy Rufifn in a white dress on the street with her right arm leaning against a fence.

The level of success you see in your life is a direct result of your belief system, the work you put in and who you surround yourself with. If you believe you can, you will!

Yoga at Home

I am relentless in my commitment to be of service to others.
That's what makes me unstoppable.

Nancy A. Ruffin

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in yourself enough to chase every dream

God places in your heart.

The more you pursue your dreams the more opportunities to realize that dream will present themselves.

Don’t worry about the how or the when, just do the work and let God handle everything else.


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