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“Personal development is the belief that you are worth the effort, time and energy needed to develop yourself.” Denis Waitley


Most recently, I had the benefit of participating in Nancy’s Power Up Cohort, which proved to be a great resource to help me tap into my true purpose in life and how to live a life that is intentional in following that purpose. Nancy’s Cohort group is unique in that she is a phenomenal personal development coach who genuinely cares about the growth and development of every single one of the members.


Many of us befriend Nancy as well as each other and become part of an extended support group of amazing FIERCE women. It is evident that Nancy has a wealth of knowledge, wisdom and experience with helping you discover your purpose, overcoming imposter syndrome, goal setting, planning for those goals and the discipline it takes to achieve them.


However, what stands out to me most is Nancy’s ability to make each person feel seen and understood. Her ability to help polish diamonds in the rough and help us see in ourselves what she sees in us. That is a God given talent. I would highly recommend the Cohort as well as any other events sponsored by The Fierce Woman, because I know you’ll benefit from them greatly.


E.D.M., Attorney/Writer

"Once I did your course, 2 weeks later I started working out of current business associate's shop. I discovered my "Why", did extensive research and really started understanding my customer base. Once I understood the customer need, I then expanded my services.