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The Live On Purpose Workshop is designed to inspire women to live their lives intentionally and purposefully. It's about understanding that we each have unique God given talents & gifts that when discovered and used as intended, can lead to living the most fulfilling life we can imagine. It's about making the most of every day, hour, second. Instead of just going with the flow I encourage women to discover their purpose and spend every day of their lives fulfilling it.

The workshop centers around how to discover your purpose and how to turn that purpose into your livelihood through the use of what I call "heart gems". Heart gems are specific questions geared towards helping to uncover the thing(s) that set our souls on fire or those things we are most passionate about. Heart gems are those things that when you really look into your heart is most valuable to you.

Often we overlook the things we are most passionate about because we focus on working a job in order to earn a living, rather than doing a job we love. Not realizing when we start living intentionally and really doing the things we love opportunities that we never dreamed of open up to us. In short, this workshop will teach women how to live a purposeful and empowered life.


1) Attendees will walk away with a better understanding on how to discover the things they are most passionate about by using the heart gems I present to them. Each heart gem is posed in such a way that the individual is asked to explore (look within), visualize (what does your passion look like), and take action (what steps must you take in order to make it happen).
2) Attendees will gain a greater understanding on how to live more intentionally and purposefully by learning to pay attention to those things they are most passionate about. By learning to allocate some of their time to doing the things they love and eliminating activities that do not contribute to their overall growth they will begin to live lives more aligned with their purpose.
3) Attendees will walk away more empowered and with a clearer vision for their life and the steps necessary to make their vision into reality.


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