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In this 60 minute self-paced webinar (which includes the 20 page workbook), mindset coach & purpose pusher Nancy Ruffin helps you get intentional about shifting your mindset and changing the way you approach your goals.


In this workshop, through intentional visioning, reflection, & purposeful self discovery, combined with the teachings of metaphysics teacher and philosopher Neville Goddard, you will learn how to create goals and establish a plan centered on the person you want to become. You will discover how to establish goals that will directly create experiences tied to how you want to feel and who you want to be.


If traditional vision boarding hasn't worked for you, then this is your opportunity to try something new. If you've attended my prior vision workshops, this one is nothing like those. It's better!


*For best experience, complete the workbook exercises before starting the self-paced webinar.


What attendees are saying:


"The workshop exceeded my expectations. A phenomenal event! Informative and engaging. Absolutely worth every penny!!" -Jennifer Pardey, 2022 Workshop Attendee


"There were so many valuable lessons learned during the workshop. The greatest lesson/takeaway for me was how to get past procrastinating on my goals by making them about the feeling and replacing the infamous To Do List." - Ahysha Donaldson, 2022 Workshop Attendee


"My greatest takeaway was learning to attach emotions to the person I want to be and the goals I want to achieve. I never thought about it from this perspective before and I know already that this is going to make all the difference. Thank you Nancy, your workshop was truly life changing for me. I loved imagining how it will feel to be the person I want to be and achieve what I want. I loved that God was the center of every lesson. I loved hearing the other women's stories and goals." - Julie Kennedy, 2022 Workshop Attendee 


"Nancy's workshops are a must, they will NEVER steer you wrong, you will ALWAYS learn something new from it, and learn something new about yourself." - Josephine Melendez, 2022 Workshop Attendee


"Your discussion on childhood and how it affects adulthood. Had an AHA moment. I will be writing a letter to younger me." - Carolyn Pinilla, 2022 Workshop Attendee

2022 Intentional Visioning

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