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The award winning Letters to My Daughter "unequivocally demonstrates through the author's use of alliteration, imagery, metaphors, repetition, and synecdoche, her pride in her Puerto Rican culture, her love and veneration for her ancestors, and her ardent desire to instill (as an inherent responsibility) the same pride in the next generation. She also unabashedly exposes the nefariousness of domestic violence.Through her marvelous motifs of a vessel, she manifests her gratitude for being chosen to carry and deliver her daughter into this world. Motherhood is the ideal role for the author - her daughter is of utmost significance.Nancy Ruffin's pieces are replete with vivid images that reflect her love for her nieces, her grandmother, and all girls. Love for one's self, including one's hair texture, is addressed against the distorted view that some have of what ideal beauty is. Pride is one's ancestry and the sacred responsibility to instill pride in the new generation is disclosed through many of the pieces in this wonderful collection." -Zacarias Rivera

Letters to My Daughter

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