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This is the story of one young woman's life lessons told through poetry and prose. Raised on the ruthless streets of Brooklyn, NY in the 1980's, the protagonist takes us on a thrilling voyage of love, loss, and heartbreak.

Full of inspirational quotes & positive affirmations, Welcome to Heartbreak is a literary portrait depicting the hardships many young adults endure when transitioning from childhood to adulthood. It is about accepting the past and learning how to move forward from unhealthy situations.

"Heartbreaks don't break us, they make us stronger." - Nancy Arroyo Ruffin

Welcome to Heartbreak

  • "Welcome to Heartbreak is a well written memoir, in both prose and poetic verse that further entices the reader to continue discovering the surreal forces that carry the Author forth as she reveals painful recollections of loss, a family members brutal murder, hardships growing up and yes, heartbreaks. While Nancy Ruffin-Arroyo captures the reader with her well-honed skills as a Writer, it also becomes obvious she is well-beyond a mere scholar with an MFA taking a plunge into the ocean of publishing. It is the collection of inspirational quotes and affirmations throughout that make this an easy read, for anyone. I am far from an avid reader yet I went from cover to cover in a matter of hours, simply because it feeds the soul spoonfuls of wisdom in acceptance, the power of forgiveness, the beauty of love and that within each of us exists the power to triumph over adversity. Welcome to Heartbreak, in this instance, is a welcomed greeting and a compelling invitation to seeing a life through eyes other than our own. I highly recommend taking this eloquent literary voyage as you will be left with a lasting impression that says through our resilience, despite obstacles that seem insurmountable, success and happiness is only an effort away! It is with insatiable excitement that I await a future tome by this Author." - Jaime "The Maestro" Emeric
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