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Using Vision Boards to Manifest Your Dreams

There's more to vision boards than merely placing pictures on a board. While vision boards can be a useful tool to help keep you focused on your goals, if you don't have a plan on how you are going to achieve those goals, the vision board is useless.

Before you can create a vision board you have to have a vision and understand how to use the vision board to manifest your vision.


Vision boards are a useful tool used to help:

  • Clarify, Concentrate, and Maintain focus on a specific life goal.

  • By identifying your vision/dreams/goals you can set clear, specific, and realistic time frames to achieve them.


In short, your dream is your vision and your goals are the steps/milestones/actions that will get you to your dream. Without goals your dreams will never become reality. Before you can begin creating a vision board you have to identify your dream/vision.

Once you've identified your vision/dream, list the steps or actions you have to take to accomplish each of the things you've identified (for example):

1.Read more:

  • Make a list of books you’d like to read.

  • Carve out an amount of time each day you’d like to spend reading (maybe 30 minutes a day).

  • Set a specific time in the day and that time will be your designated reading time (for example 7 pm) or after dinner.

2. Eat better:

  • Decide on one food item you want to cut down on, for example soda. If you drink 5 glasses of soda a day, commit to only drinking 3 glasses and replace the other two with glasses of water.

3. Save $500 during the year:

  • Figure out how much money you’d have to save each month for 12 months to add up to $500 and then adjust your budget to allow for that amount of saving. You’d have to save approximately $41 a month for 12 months to $500. That means you’d have to save about $10 a week or $2 a day.

No plan is ever free of setbacks so make sure you prepare for any potential obstacles/roadblocks.

Identify the 3 main things that have kept you from realizing or going after your dreams/goals. Write them down on a sheet of paper. Fold the paper into 8ths and then throw it in the garbgage. You have now just removed those fears/obstacles from your life and thought process.

Lastly, visualize your dream as if it has ALREADY HAPPENED. Cut out pictures, words, images, and anything that affirms your dreams/goals. Once your vision board is complete place it in an area where you can see it everyday. Your vision board should be a reminder of your purpose and why you wake up everyday. It is your inspiration and motivation to never give up.

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