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"Live On Purpose" Challenge Day 15: How are you leveraging your strengths?

It makes sense to make the most of what we've got doesn't it? Understanding and using our strengths is about focusing on the things that come most naturally to us and that we love to do. At our very core, we each have our own set of strengths. These strengths play an important role in our daily lives. Usually, we feel energized and satisfied when we use our strengths. In fact, research shows that our greatest successes are the result of our using our unique strengths.

However, it's not enough just to know what our strengths are, we have to put them into practice. Today, I challenge you to make a list of your strengths/a list of those things you are naturally great at. Once you've created your list I want you to think about how you use your strengths on a daily basis to improve your way of life whether it's financially, emotionally, artistically and write that down. If you don't use your strengths everyday ask yourself why not? Then come up with a plan that focuses on you using your unique talents more consistently.

When we can identify what we're good at and can identify in what ways those strengths fulfill us we can then begin to incorporate more of that into our lives which will not only make you happier, but you will also add to living more purposefully and intentionally.

Using your strengths doesn't mean ignoring your weaker areas, but it's a question of emphasis. Positive psychology argues that if you focus on developing and using more of your strengths it will help you to get the best from yourself and feel happier.

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