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"Live On Purpose" Challenge Day 18: How self aware are you?

How well do you know yourself? How deeply do you understand your motivations? Do you understand what drives you? Your own self-image? Or how others experience you? You can’t gain self-awareness through knowing psychology. Rather, it requires a deep understanding of your past and current self. Experiences shape how we see the world. So, we have to reflect on how the world has shaped us.

Today I challenge you to think about how your life experiences have shaped who you are. Looking at your early life story, what people, events, and experiences have had the greatest impact in shaping the person you have become? In which experiences did you find the greatest passion for leading? How do you frame your struggles and setbacks in your life?

Next, you should develop a daily practice of setting aside at least twenty minutes to reflect on your life. This practice enables you to focus on the important things in your life, not just the immediate.Reflection takes many forms. Some keep a journal, some pray, and others take a long walk or jog. Personally, I use a combination of journaling and daily meditation as my mindful habit. By centering into myself, I am able to focus my attention on what's really important, and develop an inner sense of well-being.

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