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New Year, New Goals: Time to Level Up

We are 3 days into the new year and I am so pumped to crush these goals I've set for myself. While most people make resolutions, I create goals along with a plan of action and DEADLINES!!! Resolutions are great, but most people who make resolutions never follow through on them. Whereas when you set goals, develop a plan on how to make them happen, and set realistic deadlines shit starts to happen.

I've always been self-motivated, but as of recently I've been watching a ton of Gary Vee videos and have found that were my motivation was on 100% it is now on 1000%. I've been following Gary on all his social media platforms and his approach on how he deals with his fan base is what has separated him from others in this business. He has prided himself on being available for others’ questions, which means hundreds of thousands of one-on-one messages sent including 109,000+ on Twitter alone. I was lucky enough to get a personal reply from Gary when I tweeted about him on Twitter.

When most people become celebrities in their industries, they scale back their responsiveness to unsolicited emails. Gary has done the opposite.In the period that I’ve been following him, I’ve seen him repeatedly ask, “How can I help you?” This man is a BEAST! He gives sound advice and is doing exactly what I want to do: inspiring people. And he's doing it in a way that is authentically Gary Vee. Like all successful people, Gary has his haters but I am steady watching and paying attention to how he moves. Now, I don't want to be Gary Vee, but I want to do what he's

doing in my a way that is authentic to who I am.

We all should be striving to be our most authentic self, especially when it comes to business and how you brand yourself. Writers call it voice, brands call it image, but whatever term you decide to use and whatever career path you choose to take, never lose sight of who you are. That individuality, that authenticity is your competitive advantage.

This year I've committed to building my online presence, expanding my business portfolio, giving back more, and establishing real connections with those who support me. It's about making each and every person who follows me on social media, who buys my books, who attend my workshops feel important. It's about showing appreciation. I don't ever want to be disconnected from those who support me. This year I am raising the bar and leveling up. I expect you to do the same!

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