Snow, Vision Boards, & Following Through: Why 2017 is the Year for Showing Up

There’s something to be said about commitment and really following through on the goals we set for ourselves. Many times we will be faced with an obstacle or a struggle just to see how bad we really want something. While some people will push through the obstacle to get what they want, others will use it as an excuse to stay home and not show up. That determination to push through in the face of adversity is what separates the successful from the unsuccessful. The reason winners win is because they refuse to give up or be stopped. It is that frame of mind that we all must apply to every area of our lives. The minute you develop a winning mindset winning becomes inevitable.

This past Saturday, despite the first snow storm of the year enveloping the city, I packed up my books, magazines, and my vision board supplies and made my way to Brooklyn from New Jersey. With the snow coming down non-stop for the majority of the day it was really easy for anyone to decide to stay home. Hell, even I thought about it. But despite my apprehension and my desire to stay in my warm comfy home I stuck to my commitment and I showed up. And so did over 20 other individuals.


Mothers came with the daughters, others came with their spouse and children, and some just made it a “Girls Afternoon Out” event and showed up with their friends. The room was jammed pack (note to self “make sure you get a bigger space next time”), but despite that every person in attendance