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Grind Season: Are You Working Hard Enough?

Are you really working or are you wasting time? It's easy to get caught up in the concept of work, but not all work is created equal so ensuring that you're working on the most critical items that will push your business/brand forward is one of the major keys to success. In this week's episode of The EmpowHERment Hour podcast I talk about putting in the work and how to make sure you're focusing on working on the right things.

I also share insight on why having a clear mission and vision for your brand/business sets the foundation and without it, why your business is destined to fail. Many of us get excited at the idea of becoming entrepreneurs and starting our own businesses/brands that sometimes we overlook some of the major keys to establishing a solid foundation. Without having a clear mission and vision how will you ensure you will remain true to the goal of the business? You have to have a reason why and your why is what's gonna drive the direction of your business.

In this episode also delve into the importance of letting go the things that are counterproductive to our growth like guilt, the need to please others, living up to others expectations, the need to explain our choices, and how doing so is not only liberating but necessary.

As always, this episode is full of heart gems designed to get you thinking, but most importantly to get you doing. You can listen now by clicking here or if you're an iPhone user you can click here and listen on your way home from work or while at work. Whatever you do, just make sure you listen and get all this knowledge I'm serving in this episode.

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