3 Reasons Why You Absolutely Need A Mission Statement

A large percentage of companies, including most of the Fortune 500, have corporate mission statements. According to Randell S. Hansen, mission statements are designed to provide direction to an organization. It acts as an invisible hand that guides the organization and explains the organization’s reason for being. In short, it answers the question, “What business are we in?”

Whether building a business or a personal brand you absolutely need a mission statement. As a content writer who is constantly hired to write bios and about me/us sections for websites, one of the most common things I encounter are businesses or brands without mission statements. Having a carefully crafted mission statement is one of the first things businesses/brands need to invest in, way before they begin to sell their products or services.

You wouldn't build a house without first creating a blueprint of where the walls will go or where the rooms will be. You wouldn't buy furniture and decorate the house without ensuring that the roof is properly built and the floors are properly laid, so why would you start a business without laying the foundation first? I know that sometimes the excitement overwhelms us and we're eager to get started, but you have to crawl before you walk. If not, you'll end up flat on your face.