The 3rd Annual FIERCE Woman Celebration & Why Hiring Professional Event Planners Was the BEST De

Three years ago I founded The FIERCE Woman Foundation with a mission to promote, encourage, and facilitate female solidarity and empowerment. FIERCE is an acronym that stands for FEMALES, INSPIRING, EMPOWERING, RECOGNIZING, & CULTIVATING EVOLUTION (F.I.E.R.C.E), the evolution of herself and other women. In a time where most women are conditioned to compete against one another and tear each other down, The FIERCE Woman is focused on uplifting and building each other up. The FIERCE Woman is focused, determined, and knows that there is no competition when you’re doing what you have been uniquely gifted to do. Everything that I do with this organization is centered on uniting women so that we indeed can be stronger together.

In 2015 I held the very 1st FIERCE Woman awards ceremony because the organization wanted to acknowledge and celebrate women doing extraordinary things in business and their communities. There are many of us within our communities making huge differences and the FIERCE Woman of the Year award is a small token of acknowledgment for work that many times goes unnoticed. This past weekend I along with over 40+ women celebrated the 3rd anniversary of The FIERCE Woman and honored four amazing women doing extraordinary things in business and their communities.