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"Live On Purpose" Challenge Day 21: STOP Making Excuses

One of my biggest pet peeves are excuse makers. You know the type, the ones that will spend an hour telling you why something can't be done not realizing that if they ceased making excuses that thing could have been started and completed an hour ago. I can give you tips on how to do things. I can motivate and inspire you, but until you take responsibility for yourself and start taking action nothing in your life is going to change.

If reading this makes you uncomfortable then I'm talking to you. You need to get moving. Excuses are for losers!! You know why successful people succeed?? They don't make excuses. They just DO IT. Excuses are the death of any potentially successful person! Guys, once you let go of the excuses shit starts happening! Be accountable to yourself like you are to your job, to your family, to your friends!

Today I challenge you to make an intentional choice to stop making excuses for why you can't do something and actually do it.

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